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Team BlackRock, pictured with Clive Bellows, narrowly miss out on winning the inaugural Battle of the Bands

basis.point recently spoke with Enda McMahon (Head of BlackRock Ireland) and Ellen Healy (Chair of ‘BlackRock Gives’ Committee Ireland) who together, work to build strong charity engagement locally.

What inspired BlackRock to become involved with basis.point?
Ellen: Giving back is an important part of our culture at BlackRock. We encourage and support employees to act as a force for good in the communities in which we live and operate. Through volunteering opportunities and fundraising events, employees can raise awareness for local non-profits they care about.

Our partnership with basis.point in Ireland and their joined up giving approach, allows us to deepen this commitment, bringing economic opportunity to more disadvantaged and underrepresented communities with their initiatives from early learning years through to supporting job readiness and creating equitable pathways to careers.

In what way does being a Prestige Patron make a difference to your organization and its people?
Enda: BlackRock has been a Prestige Patron of basis.point since 2018. Our partnership has allowed the uninterrupted delivery of educational programmes in pursuit of solving social challenges in Ireland.

Embedded in BlackRock’s purpose is a responsibility to promote a better future for our planet, future generations and to ensure nobody is left behind. We are focused on racial equity and social justice and we’re using our voice to advocate for public policy changes that promote social justice. Without advancing equity and social justice, we cannot help more and more people experience financial well-being.

basis.point are actively confronting these barriers in society, working to educate students, in pursuit of solving social challenges and in turn, open the doors of access and opportunity. This work importantly aligns with our purpose and values as a company. We recognise the need to improve the link between completion of education and entry into employment. These two forces together should catalyse a material reduction in poverty and inequalities.

Ellen Healy, BlackRock with Marion Mellet, William Fry at Adminovate

Why is basis.point so relevant, especially in today’s environment?
Ellen: Access to affordable, quality education is necessary to help those escape poverty, economic exclusion, and social stigma. Lack of access to education has only been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, with the closure of schools and job training programs around the world.

We partner with charitable organisations like basis.point that are confronting structural barriers to financial resilience and economic mobility.

How would you recommend others can get involved?
Enda: The team at BlackRock have been keen supporters of basis.point fundraising over the years. From competing for the Cathal Lavelle Trophy in the Corporate Golf event, to attending the Annual Spring Lunch or the Battle of the Firms Table Quiz. We are looking forward to hosting Edel O’Malley for an informal Lunch & Learn, along with one of the basis.point educational partners to explore opportunities for our team to volunteer and directly make a difference to the young people in our community.

Whilst our financial contribution is essential, getting the BlackRock team directly involved in volunteering and making a difference is something that we encourage locally by providing time-off for volunteering hours as well as through our ‘BlackRock Match’ program which includes matching for employee donations and volunteer hours.

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