basis.point is the Irish Fund Industry’s initiative to come together to help make a difference to those in need. As an industry, we have been lucky and avoided the worst of the recession that has caused considerable hardship for many people in Ireland. Recognising this, a group of individuals considered how we could make a difference.

About basis.point

Our Vision

Our vision is to help make a sustainable and tangible difference to the lives of those living in poverty, particularly young people, by supporting charities which focus on education.

Our 100% Commitment

  • Expenses are funded through fundraising events, currently the annual corporate Golf Challenge and the Spring Lunch
  • Donations are considered to be net of any charges that are deducted at source and do not include any available tax credits or the receipts from raffles, auctions and similar
  • Shortfalls in operating expenses funding are underwritten by a number of individuals

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Key facts

Our Values/Principles

  • Openness

  • Transparency

  • Accountability

  • Good governance

  • Sustainability

Get involved

There are many ways you can contribute to basis.point

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  • Volunteer to help us

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