Annual Reviews

Our Chairman prepares an annual review of the activities and achievements of basis.point. We want you to know where your donated money is spent and to share with you what we have been doing to achieve our goals.

Annual Review 2016

Annual Review 2015

Financial Statements

The financial statements of Basispoint Limited have been prepared in accordance with the requirements of the Companies Acts 1963 to 2012. While not mandatory in Ireland, the directors have prepared the financial statements with reference to best practice published by the Charity Commission for England & Wales in the form of Statement of Recommended Practice (SORP as revised, 2005), Accounting and Reporting by Charities.

The financial statements are freely available on the basis.point website and have been audited externally by Grant Thornton.

Financial Statements 31 December 2019

Financial Statements 31 December 2018

Financial Statements 31 December 2017

Financial Statements 31 December 2016

Financial Statements 31 December 2015

Financial Statements 31 March 2015

Financial Statements 31 March 2014