Archways basis.point Incredible Years® programme – December 2015 Progress Report

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]basis.pointThe Archways basis.point Incredible Years® programme aims to improve outcomes for children who live in disadvantaged communities in Dublin Inner city by offering the Incredible Years suite of programmes to the schools and community organisations working with them.

Two programmes are being offered as part of this programme: the Teacher Classroom Management programme and the Parent Group leader programme.Archways incredible years

Incredible Years Teacher Classroom Management

The Teacher Classroom Management programme is a 6 day training programme delivered over 6 months.

The programme is focused on strengthening teacher classroom management skills, strategies etc.

Total of 33 staff are being trained from various schools which include 18 class teachers, 7 learning support teachers, 2 principals, 1 Deputy Principal, 1 HSCL (Home School Community Liaison), 1 secretary and 3 special needs assistants.

Leaving feeling very positive and enthusiastic about new strategies to try. Has made me reflect upon my teaching skills and affirms a lot of work I am doing, while also highlighting areas I could improve upon which is fantastic for my professional growth”

So far three workshops have been held, the most recent of which took place on 9th and 13th November 2015. The schools who are participating in the programme include St. Gabriel National School Dublin 7, St. Vincent’s Dublin 1, St. Lawrence O’Toole JBC Dublin 1, Stanhope Street Dublin 7, Presentation School Georges Hill Dublin 7, Holy Child Dublin 1, and St. Lawrence O’Toole, GNS Dublin 1.

The training scheduled for the remaining workshops has been planned with the schools to occur during December 2015 and, January and February 2016. Each work shop covers different content in order to apply teacher classroom management skills successfully and to create a consistent learning environment within the schools.Adult and Child at Archways Program

Incredible Years Parenting Programme

The Parent Group Leader programme trains participants over a 14 week period to deliver the Incredible Years Parent Programme to parents of young children.

13 staff from 6 community and voluntary sector organisations completed the Incredible Years parent

Group leader programme in November 2015 and reported the programme to be above average on all outcome measures recorded in the final programme evaluations.

Child at Archways ProgramParticipants would hope to start delivering the programme to parents in January and February 2016.

Over the coming months Archways will continue to provide support to local organisations to ensure that the parent programmes are delivered with fidelity and that they are sustainable into the future.

This supportive planned process will ensure the best possible outcomes for children in the inner city area.

Progress Report

Read further for a 2015 progress report on this worthwhile programme which is being funded entirely by a basis.point grant.[/vc_column_text][vc_empty_space height=”20px”][vc_column_text]

I thoroughly enjoyed the whole process and the course. The facilitator was excellent and his pace was perfect”