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Cumulative funding €1,098,612


Children benefit from the expertise of 303 teachers trained in the Incredible Years Classroom Management programme.


Children encouraged through positive parenting as a result of 76 Facilitators trained in the Incredible Years Basic Parents programme.


Children benefit from 1-1 support during school as a result of 195 mentors trained in the Mentoring for Achievement programme.

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Archways is a national organisation that was established in 2006. We currently support three of their evidence based programmes: the Incredible Years® suite of programmes, the Mentoring for Achievement Programme, and a new Building Up programme for young adults.

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The Archways basis.point Programme

Delivering Incredible Years® , Mentoring for Achievement and Building Up Programme in disadvantaged areas of Dublin, Cork, Limerick, Kilkenny and Wexford.

The Incredible Years® programme delivered by Archways

The Incredible Years® programme, delivered by Archways, is a proven prevention and early intervention programme for children aged 4-8 years with emotional, social and behavioural difficulties. Teachers are trained in the programme throughout the country to help children in the classroom setting and facilitators are trained to work with parents. 

basis.point provided early seed funding this programme which has subsequently been adopted by the Department of Education for DEIS Band 1 schools.  We continue to fund DEIS Band 2 schools and other non designated schools. 

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Mentoring for Achievement Programme

The Mentoring for Achievement Programme (MAP) uses mentoring to increase school engagement among targeted students aged between 10 and 16, who have personal characteristics that interfere with learning.

More recently a pilot afterschool programme has been introduced in North Dublin City encouraging positive peer groups and role models, for young students who are showing particular talents outside of the standard curriculum, in the fields of music, sports and the arts.

Building resilience amongst vulnerable young people 

Research carried out by Archways highlighted that there is a noticeable increase in anxiety amongst young people as a result of Covid-19 measures and a real appetite among parents to feel better supported at aiding their children’s wellbeing.

In response to this we have created a Building Up programme aimed at enabling parents and teachers to help young people navigate this difficult time.  Workshops have been offered in Cork, Wexford, Kilkenny and Dublin.

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basis.point Funding Archways

2014 / 2016 - €43,000 in Dublin for the IY programme.

2017 / 2018 - €165,000 in Dublin, Cork and Limerick for the IY and MAP programmes.

2019 / 2021 - €308,500 in Dublin Cork, Limerick, Kilkenny and Wexford

2020 - €9,600

2021 - €228,700 

2022 - €317,752

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303 teachers within the area will be trained in proactive management skills benefiting some 6000 children.

76 local agency facilitators will be trained to deliver the parent programme enabling conservatively 203 parents from the school catchment to avail of the parenting provision.


Programme Feedback

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Anecdotal positive feedback on the programmes is encouraging and the impact of these programmes on communities is far reaching.

My youngest child was being assessed for a behaviour problem and since doing the course the doctors have seen a big change in her. I found from all of the weeks I attended (it) was very important for me and my child to be more aware of her feelings even though she is small you always need to praise. It does work

Feedback from a parent

Incredible Years® has given me many strategies for dealing with behavioural issues in the classroom. Its emphasis on positive reinforcement enables the teacher to deal effectively with behaviour transgressions. The programme reinforces good behaviour that is expected and makes for a more positive learning environment.

Feedback from Teachers