basis.point lunch shines spotlight on industry collaboration

Edel O’Malley, CEO basis.point, welcomes guests to the Mansion House

After a pandemic enforced hiatus of almost three years, 500 Patrons, colleagues, friends, and supporters of basis.point gathered together in the Mansion House, Round Room, to celebrate working together for the collective good, raising important funds to ensure continued growth, and importantly level the playing field for children from under-resourced communities.

The room was heady with excitement and the sheer joy of face-to-face interaction as Edel O’Malley, basis.point CEO, took to the stage. After acknowledging the difficult times that we have all faced, Edel welcomed everyone and thanked our event sponsors, AQMetrics, Northern Trust and Peer Executive, whose generosity added enormously to a festive occasion.

Patrons, colleagues, friends and supporters at a packed Mansion House

Addressing the issue of continued growth, Clive Bellows, Chairperson of basis.point, outlined how we are working hard to help our Patrons deliver on their ESG commitments, creating a more sustainable and socially inclusive society.

He thanked our Patrons both individual and corporate alike, for their overwhelming response, resulting in a new threshold of €4 million committed to education, being surpassed.

Our roots as the charity of the Irish funds industry are now well formed. As we become more experienced, we gain a deeper understanding of both where the need is greatest and where we can have the highest impact. This year to illustrate the impact that our collective effort is having, Clive welcomed Joanne Dolan, Teen-Turn Co-Founder and CEO and Teen-Turn ambassador Diane Hrisovescu.

Teen-Turn is an exciting organisation that offers plenty of scope for volunteering. Their story is a great example of how passion, drive and commitment can change lives and Diane’s heartfelt words about the impact Teen-Turn had had on her life reminded us of why we were gathered together.

Teen-Turn Alumni, Diane Hrisovescu., inspires us all

Diane immigrated to Ireland as a young 13 year old from Romania, with little to no English.

She first got involved with Teen-Turn during her Junior Cert year, participating in Inspirefest, two summer work placements and a myriad of afterschool activities.

With her business idea Script, which enables immigrants to access government forms in their own native languages, Diane was the Teen-Turn submission for Patch Accelerator. She is also now a Lead Mentor with Teen-Turn and recent recipient of the John G Byrne scholarship, studying computer science at TCD.

Speaking of her business she talks of wanting to have a great impact on the world. And of the Teen-Turn participants she enthuses;

They dream so loudly. You can see their dreams in their eyes. It’s great that there are supports like Teen-Turn that can make their dreams happen.

For those of us privileged to witness Diane’s journey, we were all imbued with a sense of the possible, a desire to unlock potential in young adults who dream of a better world, and a renewed commitment towards collaborating for the greater good.

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