basis.point Spring Lunch March 2016

basis.point at FIRE

Adrian Waters (Chairman, basis.point), Aileen O’Donoghue (Chief Executive, Archways), Jacqui Guiry (guest speaker and programme manager Archways), Pat Lardner (Chief Executive, Irish Funds) and Eimear Cowhey (Board member, basis.point)

On Friday 4 March 2016, just short of two hundred investment fund industry professionals attended the Second Annual basis.point Spring Lunch which was held in Fire Restaurant, Dawson Street.

Jacqui Guiry of Archways, the recipient of the first grant made by basis.point in February 2015 was the guest speaker. Pat Lardner of Irish Funds, which has been very supportive of basis.point since our start-up, was also in attendance as our special guest.

basis.point at FIRE

Fiona Mulcahy (Head of Disbursements, basis.point) and Pat Lardner (Chief Executive, Irish Funds)

Adrian Waters and Declan O’Sullivan (Chairman and head of fundraising of basis.point respectively) also spoke and encouraged the attendees to get involved whether by becoming a patron and/or by volunteering.

Jacqui spoke about the good use Archways has made in implementing the basis.point grant in some of the most disadvantaged areas of Dublin. They are just finishing delivering the first year of the two year Incredible Years® programme which is designed to support emotional, social and behavioural development in children aged 3 to 10 years and is delivered through a series of workshops.

Jacqui spoke about the progress made to date with a total of 33 staff receiving the Teacher Classroom Management training workshops in 7 schools in the inner city.

basis.point at FIRE

Jacqui Guiry (guest speaker and programme manager Archways)

Also 17 staff from 6 community and voluntary sector organisations completed the Parent Group Leader programme so that they can onwards deliver the Incredible Years Parent Programme to parents of young children with continuous support from Archways.

Currently, 14 parents of children with significant levels of difficulty have started the parent programme in one of the more deprived areas of the community. These parents are coming back every week and learning strategies to try at home with their children.

Jacqui closed her speech by saying that the Archways basis.point programme is making a real difference to children’s lives. It is nurturing children and encouraging them to grow to be who they can be. It creates a positive learning environment in their schools and their homes which is consistent and safe for them and enables the learning space in each individual child to open up.

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