The Disbursements Committee has responsibility for recommending to the Board the annual disbursement of funds raised. Grants by basis.point are made to eligible Irish charities for educational projects or activities taking place in Ireland and which aim make a sustainable and tangible difference to those living in poverty, particularly young people.

Basis.point considers proposals by invitation only and unsolicited requests will not be considered. We seek charities in the education area that share our values, demonstrate strong organisational leadership, evidence of past and current impact, financial soundness and the capacity to implement initiatives and evaluate their success. Before making a grant, we work with organisations to achieve a joint understanding of how success will be measured.

The Disbursements Committee recommends grants to a small number of eligible Irish charities in each year. It is envisaged that grants will be committed over a two or three year term.

Grant making commenced in February 2015. Once a grant has been made, the Disbursements Committee will meet the selected charity/charities on a six monthly basis and obtain an annual written impact report on the outcomes resulting from the grant. Patrons will be kept informed of these outcomes.

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