ELI/NCI basis.point July 2016 Progress Report

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25 families began their PCHP journey with basis.point this year. There are two Chinese Home Visitors visiting eight families, delivering the first year of PCHP through their native language and the second year through English. This will ensure the children have the English language skills needed to start school. In addition, there were an additional 17 families being visited by Irish Home Visitors.

Child Behaviour Trait (CBT) assessments begin approximately three weeks into the home visits to create a baseline evaluation of the child’s Cognitive, Behaviour and Language Traits. These assessments are again completed in May to measure the child’s progress and development across the year.

The children being funded by basis.point made significant progress this year. Children’s cognition scores increased from 20% in November 2015 to 57% in May 2016, behaviour scores increased from 39% to 62% and their language scores increased from 10% to 41% across the year.

Evaluations completed by parents at the end of the year have indicated a high degree of satisfaction with the programme.

The interaction between the home visitors and the girls helped them in many ways like social skills, improve their attention and speech and language”.

PCHP basispoint baseline assesments July 2016

ELI has created its own critical incidence policy to deal with areas affected by violence and anti-social behaviour and they are supporting other early years’ services and after schools to develop their own. They are also planning further restorative practice sessions within the community.

New for 2016/17
This year saw the training and piloting of the PCHP Evaluation of Parent and Child Together (PACT) template with all of the Home Visitors. It is designed to measure positive parent-child interaction behaviours across four areas: parent’s responsiveness to child, affection towards child, communication with the child and consistency with the child.

From September 2016 ELI plan to roll this assessment out amongst all families to capture the outcomes of the child/parent relationship. This will upskill the Home Visitors with another capturing tool providing evidence of the positive impacts made.