Gavin Nangle receives the baton to run Boston 2020! Let’s get behind him!

basis.point is proud once again to be an official partner of our Patron John Hancock in the Boston Marathon Non-Profit Programme which provides over 1000 Boston Marathon bibs to select non-profit organisations.
Gavin Nangle marathon

Passing the Baton for Boston 2020 L-R Gavin Nangle and Richard Day

Gavin Nangle, Global Head of Offshore Product Development at State Street, takes up the personal challenge of running the Boston Marathon on behalf of basis.point, following in the steps of this year’s runner Richard Day, who raised €56,600 in an extraordinary individual fundraising effort. And like Richard, Gavin will be hoping for motivation and support from his industry colleagues in pounding the streets of Dublin.

Gavin is acutely aware of the unique challenges that face children from disadvantaged backgrounds. He has seen first- hand the impact of intervention in the life of one child and is now determined to do what he can to assist as many children as possible through this fundraising effort. To that end, he has set himself a personal goal of raising in excess of €50,000.

“It is a genuine honour to have been asked to be basis.point’s representative in this year’s Boston Marathon. I hold particular and very personal interest in the work of charities involved in facilitating childhood development, particularly in the earliest years, and so I am delighted to be given this opportunity to assist in the terrific work that basis.point and their partners are doing”.

Countdown to 124th Boston Marathon

On a personal note, completing the Boston Marathon will be Gavin’s greatest sporting achievement and it won’t be easy. Gavin will be running alongside elite, world class athletes as well as many other weekend warriors, most of whom, like Gavin, are connected to extraordinary causes.

Gavin is looking forward to putting in place a training programme. We hope to run a series of training runs to keep Gavin motivated in the New Year. We’ll keep you posted once he gets his fundraising page up and running.

But for now, we wish Gavin all the best with his training, we thank him for taking up the challenge and we hope that as an industry we can pull together to encourage, inspire and motivate Gavin all the way to the finish. #joinedupgiving makes a difference! You can encourage Gavin to push forward on the training road ahead by helping him to achieve his fundraising target. Donating couldn’t be easier.

Simply click on his Just Giving Fundraising page or (and especially for larger donations) please click here to donate directly to basis.point by bank transfer or debit/credit card. Each donation helps a child achieve their potential.

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