Hear from our Patrons: John MacCarthy, Nuveen Investments Inc.

John MacCarthyWe speak to John L. MacCarthy the Executive Vice President, Secretary and General Counsel at Nuveen Investments, Inc. Nuveen Investments is part of the TIAA-Cref Organisation and is one of many basis.point patrons. John talks about why Nuveen Investments decided to became a patron and we provide information on how you can become one too.

Please give a short description of you and your firm to help the audience understand some background.
I am an Executive Vice President and the General Counsel of Nuveen Investments, Inc. and am also the Chairman of our Irish Fund Board. Nuveen Investments, Inc. is an investment management company with over $230 billion of assets under management headquartered in Chicago with other offices in Minneapolis, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco and London. Nuveen sponsors over 200 open and closed-end mutual funds, offering these funds and a variety of other investment products managed by our separately branded affiliated investment advisors.

What were the key factors in your firm deciding to become Patron’s for basis.point?
Directors of our Irish Fund Board requested that we consider supporting basis.point as part of a charitable initiative by the Irish Funds industry. After reviewing the work basis.point does, we were happy to oblige.

What does being a Patron with basis.point mean to your firm?
Support for education has always been a focus of Nuveen’s charitable giving in the United States. Nuveen helped arrange financing to build schools across the U.S. throughout the 20th Century. Support for basis.point fits with our focus on education expanding support to another country where we do business.

Can you describe the key benefits to your firm from being a basis.point patron?
It is another way for Nuveen to support education and develop young people’s skills and capabilities as well as show support for the Irish Funds Industry.

What would your advice be to a firm considering becoming a basis.point patron?
nuveenI would recommend the firm become a patron to support this very worthwhile non-profit organization, as it supports education which is vital and it is a very unique charity as it is an Irish Funds Industry initiative led by leaders in the industry.

How have you seen the Charity developed since your firm became a patron?
basis.point has grown and developed more broad-based support since we became a patron, and I hope to see basis.point continue to grow and support education.
I feel that a lot more people have become aware of basis.point and I hope to see the organization develop even further as education is a vital aspect to have which everyone is entitled to.

Can you explain the impact, if any, basis.point has made on you professionally and personally?
Support for worthwhile charitable organizations has a positive impact by allowing us to give back.

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