How we raise money

We are better and more impactful, by pooling our time, energy and resources together through joined up giving

Better together - Joined Up Giving

basis.point is a unique example of industry colleagues putting their time, energy and resources together to combat the single issue of educational disadvantage.

Our fundraising is based on the premise that we are better and more impactful by working together.

Social change is achieved not only through joined up thinking but we believe that it also requires joined up giving.

basis.point joinedupgiving works

The Power of Joined Up Giving We work towards sustained investment in educational programmes that have proven transformative impact.

Amplifier effect

It is through the amplifier effect of each giving a little that we can achieve a lot.  As the collective financial contribution grows, we can work together with our partners to plan effective long term investments in education.

Part of something bigger- sense of community

Real change relies on the forging of communities. Bringing the entire industry community together for collective good promotes a lasting sense of belonging.

Shared sense of purpose and accomplishment

The fund industry is a highly competitive environment. Giving back as a collective is restorative and beneficial for all of us. 

Social change requires time and consistency of effort.

Many of the programmes that we support take time to deliver results. Our visionary leadership investment strategy affords time and space to our partners to demonstrate effectiveness.

Build trust through long term  relationships.

Trust is a core component for effective team work.  By making a multi annual commitment you actively demonstrate trust, which in turn enables us to deliver on our long term vision. 

Sustained investment driving social change

Being part of a strong representative voice with the opportunity to influence strategic thinking, shaping the future direction of education.

Recurring Annual donations

Funding for our programmes comes from the annual donations of our growing community of Corporate and Individual Patrons and Supporters.

This year we will pass an important threshold, 100 Corporate Patrons and over 250 individual Patrons and Supporters.

To date we have raised almost €3 million and are having a transformative impact on the lives of thousands of disadvantaged children.


As an Individual

We offer two levels of commitment for individuals.

Our Patrons commit to a recurring gift of €1,000 per annum.  This level of giving appeals to C-Suite Leaders in the funds world such as Country Heads, Leadership Teams, Partners, Independent Directors and Senior Management.

Our Supporters commit to a recurring gift of €250 per annum, or just over €21 per month.  This is accessible to a wider group of vibrant, next generation leaders and appeals no matter the stage on the career ladder.

Our community of caring and compassionate Patrons and Supporters share our ambition to create brighter futures for educationally disadvantaged children.

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As a Corporate

We offer a choice of three levels of commitment for Corporates to best match available resources and CSR goals. Recurring annual contributions range from €3,000+ as a Corporate Patron to €10,000+ as a Prestige Patron.

We also offer the option of bespoke solutions where we work together to fund specific programmes.

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Donation of Funds

We benefit from allocation of residual monies from liquidation funds, orphan funds, residual assets and shariah funds.

Collaborative approach

Combatting educational disadvantage requires significant investment, sustained over time that is beyond the reach of most people individually but is attainable and becomes a reality, when we work together.




We are committed to allocating 100% of every Patron and Supporter payment basis.point receives to our grant initiatives, without deduction of operating expenses.

Our organisational costs and operational expenses are met in a number of ways

Proceeds raised at fundraising events – currently our annual corporate Golf Challenge and Spring Lunch

Receipts from raffles, auctions and similar at basis.point events

Tax credits received by basis.point on patron payments

Donations which the relevant donor directs towards operational expenses.