Drive and determination as Killian Lonergan runs Boston 2022

Killian Lonergan of Brown Brothers Harriman training in sub zero temperatures for Boston 2022

At short notice, Killian Lonergan from Brown Brothers Harriman has stepped up to the challenge of running in the world-renowned John Hancock Boston Marathon on behalf of basis.point and has set himself an individual fundraising target of €20,000.

The Boston Marathon itself, is one of those inspirational events that connects the entire world in a spirit of competition, camaraderie, and community. Killian, a committed athlete, already has several marathons under his belt, yet Boston at short notice, will be his toughest challenge to date.

And whilst running may come naturally, fundraising is another story. Raising the €20,000 will require every ounce of courage and commitment as running the marathon itself. Educated by the Jesuits in Belvedere College, Dublin, Killian is acutely aware of just how tough it is to reach your individual life potential and is driven to help others benefit from education no matter their background.

Key to successful marathon running is a positive mindset and an ability to visualise yourself succeeding. One of the programmes that basis.point support is the Junior Cycle Programme run in association with TUDublin. This programme helps demystify third level education by welcoming kids from local DEIS schools onto campus at an impressionable age so that they can picture themselves as third level students.

One of the workshops introduces them to sport science and Killian hopes to engage with the kids on this programme and encourage them to believe in themselves.

According to Killian correct coaching and guidance plays a huge role for most participants in any marathon. They’ll have been forewarned about the ups and downs of the course but to keep faith in their ability. By virtue of their training they’ll be armed with the ability to overcome both the distance and the course.

While educationally disadvantaged children can face more downs than ups in their schooling, having a support team around them to help coach and guide them through the inevitable tough moments is invaluable. The work undertaken by the TUDublin team in this capacity is pivotal for so many students, and as such I’m happy to be able to support them.

€20,000 will go a long way, towards elevating the career aspirations of many hundreds of young teenagers from Dublin inner city.

We would like to thank once again our Prestige Patron Manulife for generously offering basis.point a ‘golden bib’ for entrance to this year’s Boston marathon. Killian Lonergan runs in the footsteps of Richard Day and Gavin Nangle and hopes he too can help educationally disadvantaged children reach their life potential.

How to donate

You can encourage Killian to push forward on the training road ahead by helping him to achieve his fundraising target. Donating couldn’t be easier.

Simply click on his Just Giving Fundraising page or for corporate donations please donate directly to basis.point here.

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