Helping improve numeracy skills in children and increase their confidence and performance in Maths

€120,000 cumulative funding

Primary School Students have participated in the Maths Whizz programme through basis.point support

hours of tutoring in Maths-Whizz so far this academic year.


of students achieving recommended usage in 2022/2023 made accelerated progress in their maths-age.

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Kinia is an Irish educational charity.

Kinia is about collectively creating opportunities for children, young people and their communities through education. Kinia’s aim is to support children from disadvantaged backgrounds to realise their rights and achieve their full potential through education.

About one fifth of Irish students in international tests do not have sufficient mathematical skills to cope with everyday life.

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Maths Whizz Numeracy Programme

Delivering a numeracy programme into disadvantaged and under-resourced communities through DEIS schools nationwide.

Maths Whizz Numeracy Programme delivered by Kinia

Maths-Whizz is an AI enabled virtual maths tutor. The tutor develops a unique personalised learning journey for all students. Through engaging lessons and continuous assessment, the tutor tracks students’ progress, maintaining an up-to-date understanding of their needs and providing the appropriate support at all times.

Maths-Whizz allows children to progress at their own speed enabling the classroom teacher to manage children of different abilities within the same class.



Maths-Whizz outcomes delivered by Kinia

The Maths-Whizz programme aims to help teachers identify students’ learning gaps through an initial assessment, accelerate students’ learning with regular usage and overall increase children’s confidence in Maths. By providing access to this programme to schools and teachers in disadvantaged and under-resourced communities, Kinia aims to: 

  1. Help schools achieve their goals and objectives for Maths 
  2. Improve students’ opinion of and confidence in Maths 
  3. Improve students’ Maths performance and their outlook 
  4. Provide access for 300 students in 2024

Kinia supporting participants

Kinia supports the schools throughout the year in a variety of ways. A dedicated project coordinator, along with Whizz-Ed support, assists with the initial creation of school, teacher and pupil profiles. Online training sessions and videos are provided to all teachers and schools participating in the programme. Devices such as Chromebooks and laptops are provided to schools, where necessary, to enable students and schools to access Maths-Whizz easily and reach the expected usage. 

Kinia is available for ongoing support throughout the academic year in areas such as adding new students, and answering any queries etc.

basis.point Funding Kinia

2022 - €120,000 

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30 participating schools benefitting 300 children per annum.

Maths Whizz programme delivered to DEIS schools nationwide, improving confidence and classroom engagement and improving school attendance rates.


Programme Feedback

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The Maths-Whizz programme not only improved the numeracy skills of participants but helped increase confidence levels and made learning Maths skills a more fun and engaging experience for students. Overall feedback is very positive.

“The children really enjoyed the independent learning style that maths whizz offered and we really feel their maths skills have come along really well.” 

JHarrington, St Mary’s NS Garristown

’Maths Whizz allows every student to participate in the Maths curriculum in a fun and engaging way. Every student feels they are succeeding regardless of their ability.’”

Class teacher, Mount Sion Primary School, Urban DEIS Band 1