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Connecting with young people and supporting them to reach their full potential

Cumulative funding €80,000


Children gain the necessary social and emotional skills required to successfully transition from primary into second level education.


Primary Schools in the Greater Limerick area participating in the Moving on Up transition to secondary school programme.


Modules focusing on mental wellbeing and resilience, building confidence in the transition from primary to secondary education.

Limerick Youth Service

Limerick Youth Services  engages with over 4,500 young people annually in providing a diverse range of youth work, education, training, employability & volunteering opportunities.

The LYS basis.point Programme

Enabling young people in Limerick and surrounding area to be more confident in the transition from primary to secondary education.

The Moving on Up programme delivered by Limerick Youth Services

The Moving on UP programme, delivered by Limerick Youth Services, will be offered to 500 sixth class students annually, in 25 different primary schools within Limerick city and the surrounding county.  The programme will consist of 6 modules with an emphasis on positive wellbeing and resilience, peer pressure and bullying, communication, friendships, school rules and timetables and concerns and fears.

The aim is to equip these young people will the practical, social and emotional skills to engage meaningfully in secondary education.


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Encouraging young students to engage with education

The aim of the Moving on UP programme is to encourage supportive and trusting relationships with friends, peers, family and other adults; and more positive engagement with teachers.

It is hoped that by offering students these positive first steps into secondary education that they will have higher engagement and the necessary interpersonal and emotional skills to stay the course with secondary education.

Building resilience amongst young adolescents

It is hoped that by participating in the programme, the young people will: -Gain practical information on 2nd level school timetables, rules and homework. -Have improved social and emotional skills including personal development outcomes relating to communication, planning and problem solving. -

Experience reduced levels of anxiety in relation to issues of school transfer, peer pressure and bullying. -Improve knowledge of the supports and services available to young people in informal youthwork settings,

Limerick youth service

basis.point Funding Limerick Youth Services

2020 - €9,600


2022 / 2023 - €50,000

Limerick Youth Service
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10 LYS youth workers will be trained in the Moving on Up modules benefiting some 1,000 children.

25 Primary Schools in Limerick city and surrounding county building confidence and resilience in sixth class students as they make the transition to secondary education.


Programme Feedback

Limerick Youth Service

Anecdotal positive feedback on the programmes is encouraging and the impact of these programmes on communities is far reaching.

Before starting (secondary) school I was nervous as I was new to the area and didn’t know anyone. However, on day one I met people that I had done the Transition Programme with at Easter and we’re friends ever since!

Feedback from Programme Participant

It’s an excellent opportunity for the students to get a taste of First Year and explore any nerves or excitement they feel about starting secondary school.

Feedback from Teachers