Maples reclaim Battle of the Firms trophy

Maples Group celebrate their win with colleagues! Back row L-R: Richard O’Donoghue, Colm O’Donoghue, Fiachra MacElhatton, Oisin Ferriter, Paul Comerford, Liam Roe Front row L-R Hilary Heelan, Jennifer Dobbyn, Marta Paykosh and John Gallagher.

A long time coming, the third basis.point Battle of the Firms was an eagerly awaited event. And back in person in the collegial Landsdowne Rugby Club, it wasn’t to disappoint. 160 professionals from over 20 different organisations within the Irish funds sector, settled in for a wonderful evening of comradery, laughter and fun.

The Supporters Committee chaired by Eoin Fitzgerald had received a post pandemic makeover and the injection of enthusiasm brought by James Dalton of BBH, his father Niall Dalton, along with new members Jennifer Dobynn, Maples, Stephen Burke, Morgan Stanley and Catriona O’Malley, Rubrics, lent a party atmosphere to the proceedings.

But it wasn’t clear whether the assembled teams had left their thinking brains in the office, or the questions were more aligned to University Challenge, but the general knowledge required for round two was clearly a disaster for many teams, with the average score being 2 out of 8. Despite this setback, most teams regained their stride with the basis.point round and armed with newfound confidence got back in the game!

Musical experts L-R Sarah Boyce, Katie Walters, Sarah Maxwell, Michele Martin

This year it was the music round that proved decisive! Up until this point, Simple Minds of Northern Trust had been out in front, and it was ironic, given their team’s name, that the music round should be their downfall.

Worthy of mention were Carne who leapfrogged into a challenging position with an impressive clear round for Music! Only to be beaten for third position by Matheson in a tie breaker.

Compere for the night was Sean Buckley who charmed us with his usual wit and managed to balance the task of keeping engagement high, interspersing the more serious rounds with music and pictures. Notable by its absence was the sports round, always a crowd pleaser and one that will be reintroduced next year.

But for many of us the highlight of the evening was the opportunity to hear first-hand from Michelle Moore, who was the first home visitor with the Early Learning Initiative, ParentChild+. Michelle spoke from the heart about her personal journey, and growing up in Ringsend. Michelle could see how local families were struggling with parenting and yet it wasn’t for lack of heart, they simply didn’t know how.

Michelle Moore, ParentChild+ Senior Specialist

Michelle spoke of the difference that early intervention can make. She marvelled at the opportunity for individuals to make a difference by contributing €21/ month to become a supporter.

In her words, €21 would be enough to buy the set of books that home visitors bring to their families, and we could do that each month!
And as a result of her encouragement, five new supporters signed up on the night!

And so, to the prizes! Maples once again showed their brilliance and stole a lead on Northern Trust, Matheson and late charging Carne! This is a battle that is likely to run and run!

1st Place Maples John Gallagher, Oisin Ferriter, Paul Comerford and Marta Paykosh.
2nd Place Northern Trust, Michelle Diamond Kelly, Alan Gillard, Claire Fitzpatrick, Mark Meighan
3rd Place Matheson Shay Lydon, Ryan Rant, Kate Lenihan, Kathy McMonagle,
4th Place Carne Katie Walters, Sarah Boyce, Sarah Maxwell, Michele Martin

Thanks also to all our sponsors Brown Brothers Harriman, Carne Group, Northern Trust, Rubrics and William Fry. Sincere thanks to James Dalton of BBH for organising such a successful event on behalf of the basis.point supporters committee and a special mention to his dad Niall, a professional event manager, who volunteered and brought a spark to the night!

Book early for next year!

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