May 2023 basis.point Bulletin

Philanthropy an invitation to be part of something great.

This month we want to share with you our sense of optimism and hope for the future. As an industry we have collectively raised over €5.3 million, changing the lives of thousands of young people.  Each of us can feel proud of the part that we have played in reaching this point. 

We are grateful to Irish Funds for allowing us to showcase basis.point at the Irish Funds Conference later this week. And Adminovate continue to inspire donating all proceeds from their Conference to basis.point and the Trinity Access Programme. There are a few remaining places so we would encourage you to attend.

We share news of our latest partner programme and related opportunities to get further involved.  We hope that the impact of industry collaboration and it’s potential to open doors and create opportunities for young people, might inspire you to deepen your commitment at both a corporate and individual level.

And we hope that by embracing our mission to level the playing field you will benefit from a sense of connectedness, share our sense of optimism and join us as part of something great.

Get Involved

Patrons, Supporters and Volunteers are essential to the work we do.  We very much welcome any way in which you can help create brighter futures through education. Please get involved and make a difference!

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You can support our work to empower young people through education by hosting a company event, organising a personal event, or getting involved with any of our events or initiatives.