Suas’ Numeracy Projects update

Funded by basis.point and BNP Paribas, Suas developed the Numeracy Programme which piloted in the 2016/2017 academic year, with extremely positive results. Due to the success of the pilot, Suas has rolled out the Numeracy Programme between February and May 2018 to another 108 school children working with 54 trained volunteers.

Suas Numeracy Projects update

Schoolgirls from St. Eithne’s Primary School taking part in the Numeracy Programme. The Programme provides vital one-to-one support to the children.

Suas will run 10 numeracy projects in the school term, supporting a total of 108 boys and girls from disadvantaged schools across Dublin to improve their numeracy skills.
For children in disadvantaged schools, the consequences of struggling with maths in primary school can have a significant impact on the quality of their lives. Difficulties with maths at their age increases their chances of leaving school early, unemployment, poorer health (often both physically and mentally) and ending up in poverty.

Suas is tackling this issue head on by supporting children in disadvantaged schools who are struggling with maths. This is done by providing one-to-one coaching for five weeks using trained volunteers. In these twice weekly sessions, children have an opportunity for repeated practice, further explanation of concepts and positive reinforcement.

Suas Numeracy Projects update

A sample of resources included in the Suas Numeracy Packs which are used during the one to one sessions between the mentor and child.

To date the feedback of the Programme has been extremely positive, and it is also extremely beneficial that the Programme has a measureable impact. For example, last year children mentored by Transition Year students had a 400% rate of improvement in their maths age compared to the national average.

basis.point would like to say a special thanks to our friends and basis.point Patron, BNP Paribas, who very kindly entered a Partner Programme with us in 2017 to establish the Suas Numeracy Programme.

We’re delighted that between February and May 2018 another 180 boys and girls will benefit from this initiative supported by the Partner Programme of basis.point and BNP Paribas.

Suas Numeracy Projects update

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