Helping improve Numeracy for children from disadvantaged communities

€346,600 cumulative funding

Volunteer Mentors trained in the Power of 2 numeracy programme. An anticipated additional 600 mentors were delayed due to COVID-19

Children struggling with numeracy have been offered 1-1 numeracy mentoring.  Expansion of the programme to a further 1200 children has been delayed.


of participants maths age improved following participation in the Suas Numeracy programme. 


Suas Educational Development is an Irish educational charity.

Their mission is to transform the lives of children, both in Ireland and internationally, through education. About one fifth of Irish students in international tests do not have sufficient mathematical skills to cope with everyday life. 

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basis.point Numeracy Programme

Delivering a numeracy programme into disadvantaged and under-resourced communities through DEIS schools nationwide.

basis.point Numeracy Programme delivered by Suas

Working in association with Suas, the basis.point Numeracy Programme is delivered to children aged between 8-14 in disadvantaged schools and communities throughout Ireland.

Children from these schools are most at risk of falling behind their peers and struggling within the Irish education system. Mentors work one-to-one with these children to help improve their numeracy skills.

The interventions used have been proven to improve student performance and reduce drop-out rates. The changes in numeracy skills, confidence and self-esteem are fully analysed and measured.

‘Power of 2’ Model

The ‘Power of 2’ is a well-regarded numeracy training approach which utilises clear instruction and repetition through the power of one-to-one mentoring.

The ‘Power of 2’ refers to the benefits of two people working together, enabling repeated maths practice and reinforcement - which is not always available in the classroom.

Educational psychologists at Ireland’s National Educational Psychology Service (NEPS) also agree with the approach of the ‘Power of 2’.


Integrated Approach to Testing

Suas test for progress made in both numeracy skills and the confidence and self–esteem of learners. Suas assess numeracy gains using the numeracy section of the ‘Wide Range Achievement Test 4’ (WRAT4). This is a widely used test which measures an individual’s ability to compute solutions to math problems.

Suas’ long-term aim for the Numeracy Programme is to generate sufficient, robust data about the changes achieved, and as a result, offer the Numeracy Programme as an evidence-based
intervention to all DEIS schools.

basis.point Funding Suas

2016 - €33,500 

2018 - €63,500 

2019 - €242,300

2020 - €7,300

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298 volunteer mentors trained in The Power of 2 benefiting some 2,200 children.

Power of Two maths programme delivered to DEIS schools nationwide, improving confidence and classroom engagement and improving school attendance rates. 


Programme Feedback


The Suas Numeracy programme not only improved the numeracy skills of participants but enhanced their overall well being, improving confidence levels and school attendance across the board.  Overall feedback is very positive.

I loved my Suas mentor and I hope I do it again.  I love my maths and my Suas"

Feedback from a particpant

The Suas volunteers that we had from the Community were fantastic.  They were extremely reliable and developed a great relationship with the children alongside the maths work that they did."

Feedback from a teacher