Helping girls explore STEM related career opportunities

Cumulative funding €101,500 

Girls have been introduced to the idea of a career in STEM related areas through participation in Teen-Turn activities.

Counties nationwide participating in the Teen-Turn programme with 30+ weeks of programming each year.


of participants progress to study STEM related courses at third level. 


Teen-Turn aims to combat stereotypes by changing how girls, including those from disadvantaged and underrepresented communities, identify with STEM career opportunities.

They achieve this through work placements, after school activities, exam support and professional development programming for alumnae.

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Teen-Turn and basis.point engagement 

As part of our new developments and learning hub, basis.point are providing funding for programme development, particularly focused on those in emergency accommodation, refuge and direct provision nationwide.

Introduction to STEM Programme delivered by Teen-Turn

Teen-Turn provides teen girls the opportunity to gain hands-on STEM experience and the support to acquire qualifications and jobs.

Teen-Turn achieves this through mentored, free after school activities, 2 week summer work placements in STEM environments, exam support and alumnae professional development programming so that participants can visualize themselves in careers and therefore make informed third level course choices as well as build the necessary social capital to enter into the ‘future jobs’ workforce.

‘Prioritising Teens from underserved Communities

Teen-Turn prioritizes working with DEIS and similar schools to identify teen girls with academic promise, who will benefit from the opportunity, but are from traditionally underrepresented communities or from where third level education is uncommon.

Conscious that these at-risk girls have high attrition and low post-secondary education progression rates, the approach is immersive and followed up with reinforcement along what is called the ‘Junior Cert to Job’ route.

Teen-Turn uses STEM work experience and after school activities to stimulate interest and create an aspiration and mindset change in participants . A new found self belief encourages further study and more active participation in school offerings.  

Teen Turn
Teen Turn
Teen Turn

Rigorous impact assessment

Already in it's fifth year, Teen-Turn has been added to our educational portfolio through our Engagement section, where we work with innovative partners with early indications of successful impact.  Funding is initially allocated for one year, which is then reviewed based of effectiveness.

Outcomes will be measured using an existing database and online platform which will allow measurement of the number of new participants from targeted areas and the number of additional special needs mentor volunteers. 

basis.point Funding Teen-Turn

2021 - €50,000

2022 - €51,500

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Extensive Programme of supports focused on two groups aged 13 to 17 and   18 to 22.

10 counties including Carlow, Cork, Dublin, Galway/Mayo, Limerick, Longford/Roscommon, Sligo and Tipperary.


Programme Feedback


The Teen-Turn STEM programme has been demonstrated to significantly increase the numbers of girls from disadvantaged and under-represented communities that pursue a career in Stem related professions.

I finally feel like I’m being seen, just spending time with all these amazing people who really get me.”

Feedback from Teen-Turn Alumna 

Already, we can report that beneficiaries have shown increased confidence in their abilities, improved school performance and enthusiasm towards technology subjects, and even progression to third level STEM courses."

Feedback from Joanne Dolan, Teen -Turn CEO