Discover how rewarding hands-on action can be!  Journey with children as they achieve their life goals

There are various ways you can help as a volunteer and make a difference to the lives of educationally disadvantaged children throughout Ireland.

Our educational programmes are delivered in partnership with exemplary charity organisations whose experience and know how ensure greatest impact. Opportunities to volunteer vary dependent on your location, available time and skill set. Directly child interfacing opportunities will require garda vetting and a degree of training.

There are many ways to help Get Involved

Much of what is achieved is due to the energy, commitment and inspiration of basis.point volunteers.

These supporting roles are crucial to the success of basis.point and offer opportunities to work together with industry peers with the shared aim of offering every child in Ireland an equal chance at succeeding in education.


Join a committee

We have a limited number of volunteers who generously contribute their time and talent to various committees. (Fundraising, Disbursements, Supporters, Marketing & Events)  Most of the volunteers come on board for limited time periods and work on special projects. 

It’s a rewarding way to support our work. Contact us to express your interest.

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Become a Champion within your organisation

Do you have the time, talent and energy, to share our stories, encourage participation in events, perhaps facilitate lunch and learns and act as a go between basis.point and colleagues in your organisation.

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Become an Ambassador

As a leader in the financial services sector you invest time in helping basis.point grow. Through your work you can influence others highlighting opportunities to contribute financially through liquidation funds, orphan funds, residual assets and shariah funds.

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Partner Programmes

Co-funding a bespoke Partner Programme for educationally disadvantaged children may align more closely with specific corporate CSR goals and works well for large corporate donations.

The programme will be tailored to meet your specific requirements and may often facilitate volunteering with the partner organisation.

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What our volunteers say

I’ve been volunteering on the basis.point Supporters Committee for almost 2 years. In such a competitive industry, I find it incredibly rewarding to collaborate with industry colleagues from other organisations.

We are building a community of basis.point supporters (colleagues who are willing to give a small amount regularly) by organising social networking events.

It’s fun, it’s something different to my regular job, I’m meeting nice people and at the same time I know I’m making a difference”.

Marion Mellett - William Fry

Opportunities with our charity partners Volunteering

We prioritise Corporate Patrons in allocating volunteering opportunities with our partner organisations.


Work with pre-school and junior cycle children

Our programmes engage children, young people, families and professionals in creative and enjoyable learning activities and events. They have re-imagined their programmes for online learning. Volunteers are invited to join a panel of committed volunteers who are ready to participate in a variety of programmes such as children’s storytelling with their Zoom ahead with Books, or virtual language café’s or Day in the Life talks for older kids.

Early Learning Initiative

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Support and Mentor senior cycle students

Companies are invited to register on an annual basis and may then offer mentoring opportunities to their employees.

A number of our programmes offer the chance to work one on one with young people as they journey to reach their life goals.  In many cases a partnership is set up with a school, volunteer training is offered and encouraged.  Groups of 8 to 12 mentors can be facilitated.

Teen Turn


Limerick Youth Service

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Support our Partner Charities

Our Charity partners are expert in the field of education and run their organisations on minimal budgets.

From time to time an opportunity arises to lend your business acumen and help them to improve the operations. Please let us know if you would like to volunteer financial, technology communications or operational expertise.

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