Who wants to run 127th BAA Boston Marathon?

The Boys St Pauls CBS, Brunswick St in Dublin 7, show their support and appreciation for Killian Lonergan

Over the past few years, the Boston Marathon has become our flagship individual fundraising event, raising in excess of €100,000. Running the iconic Boston Marathon is both an honour and a privilege but the preparation requires enormous drive and determination. And fundraising requires the courage to put yourself out there. Our Boston Marathon trio of Richard Day of Waystone, Gavin Nangle of State Street and Killian Lonergan of BBH had both in bucket loads!

Would you like to follow in Killian’s footsteps?

We are looking for someone to take up this challenge for 2023. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity to run alongside top class athletes and weekend warriors alike.

Next year’s marathon takes place on Monday. April 17th 2023. If you are interested in running on behalf of basis.point please complete the attached form below, outlining why you would like to run it, and the fundraising target that you would set yourself.

Each of our previous marathon runners will happily guide you through the process. We will of course be able to support your fundraising efforts but ultimately the main drive will need to be your own.

Sincere thanks to Prestige Patrons, Manulife, who generously donate a charity bib to us each year.

Register your interest here

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