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A movement for sustainable change in business, that encourages an inclusive society where everyone thrives

Cumulative Funding €315,000

Students have recieved 1-1 mentoring from a corresponding number of mentors.

Alumni Network established for former mentors and students benefitting a similar cohort of 100 students and mentors.

basis.point funded partnerships with a further 11 partnerships thanks to government funding.

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Business in the Community Ireland is the network for responsible business in Ireland and was established in 2000.

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The Student Mentor Programme

Links students from disadvantaged communities with mentors from local business in Dublin, Cork and Limerick so that they can share life experiences.

The BITC Student Mentor Programme delivered by Business in the Community Ireland

The BITCI Mentor programme provides students with a mentor from the world of work through the final two years of secondary school.

We currently support up to 100 young people.  The programme encourages the student to remain in education, promotes their self esteem, develops their awareness of the work place and inspires them to continue their studies, complete school and consider the many career options open to them.

Ultimately it inspires them to visualise themselves achieving their potential in life.

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Mentor Programme Alumni Network

Thanks to funding from basis.point, the Mentor Programme Alumni network was established in 2019.  The network provides ongoing support to students who have already participated in the Student Mentoring Programme so that they have a supportive network to assist them after they have left school.

These young people will have received an insight into the world of business and the network will offer a forum to share life experiences and inculcate an understanding of the importance of life-long learning for the needs of the world of work in an ever-changing landscape.

basis.point Funding BITC Ireland

2017 - €45,000 

2020 - €58,000

2022 - €161,000 

2023 - €51,000 

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270 students have been matched with mentors from 10 participating companies in Dublin, Limerick and Cork.

100% of employees cited being able to make a difference in a young person’s life and a feel-good factor and enjoying the volunteering experience as the most beneficial aspect of the programme.


Programme Feedback

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It is rewarding to see how these young adults have grown in confidence through their participation in the BITC programme. We are hoping that they will continue to benefit from ongoing support through an alumni association to help them in their future careers.” 

Sinead Colreavy, EY and basis.point

It a good way for companies to show they embrace diversity.  Both the mentor and the mentee benefit and learn from each other.  I really like my mentor and I still see her all the time"

Feedback from Mia O'Connor, participant