What we do

We partner with Inspirational Educators to improve educational outcomes for disadvantaged children

Education is key to breaking the poverty cycle and improving health, nutrition, and opportunities for all children throughout Ireland.

Our ambition is to give every child in Ireland equal access to a brighter future by funding evidence based educational programmes that tackle complex issues arising as children journey through their educational lifecycle to reach their life goals.  With our eyes on a better future, we offer hope to children who wouldn't normally have access to support structures that allow them to reach their potential.

Our Educational Programmes Focusing on fundamentals spanning the educational life cycle

Holistic approach to improving outcomes

Our range of programmes focus not simply on the nuts and bolts of literacy and numeracy, but also on peripheral soft skills such as self- esteem, confidence, willingness to engage with authority and resilience.


Empower parents to give their child the best start in education

Focusing on pre-school education, providing parent and child learning support through home visits with ParentChild+.

Cumulative Funding €936,000

Empowering teachers, mentors and parents through early intervention programmes for children.

Cumulative Funding €780,000


Enable children to engage meaningfully in education

Helping children from disadvantaged communities to build numeracy skills through mentoring in DEIS schools throughout Ireland.

Cumulative Funding €347,000

Encouraging children from disadvantaged communitites to consider third level education through on campus workshops.

Cummulative Funding €427,000.


Enhance the chances of success for young adults

Inspiring a future generation of entrepreneurs for young people experiencing social and economic disadvantage.

Cumulative Funding €1,035,000

A student mentoring programme to encourage understanding of the workplace and build skills necessary to achieve.

Cumulative Funding €103,000


New developments and learning hub for innovative  programmes.

Hands-on technology experience for teenage girls from under-represented communities, inspiring them to see themselves in STEM-oriented careers.

Cumulative Funding €101,500

Let's think out loud!

We work with inspirational educators to transform the lives of children from disadvantaged communities throughout Ireland.

Enhancing educational opportunities A true team effort

Since the beginning, thanks to regular giving from the Irish funds and financial services industry, and in collaboration with our charity partners, our educational programming supported over 40,000 children as they journey to achieve their life goals and aspirations.

As a result of our joined up giving, we have raised and allocated over €5.3 million towards education.