Who we are

basis.point is the charity of the Irish funds industry and its wider ecosystem

basis.point was set up in 2014, with the ambition to give children in Ireland equal access to a brighter future through education.

Founded on the idea of joined up giving, basis.point is a unique example of industry colleagues putting their time, energy and resources together, to combat one single issue, educational disadvantage.


Our Vision An Ireland where children have the chance to reach their potential through education

Our Values The foundation stone of our organisation

We value collaboration and work hard to build trust and engagement through joined up giving.

We value openness, transparency and accountability - trust and good governance is integral to our work.

We embrace kindness, compassion and empathy and value philanthropy and equality.

We value sustainability and social responsibility – change can best be achieved through multi-year investment of time and effort.

We work on behalf of our Patrons and Supporters to select and fund educational programmes that deliver on our shared vision.

Our range of programmes focus not simply on the nuts and bolts of literacy and numeracy, but also on tackling the peripheral soft skills such as self- esteem, confidence, willingness to engage with authority and resilience.

We identify programmes, pilot them in local communities and work with our partners to expand their reach nationwide.

Our Role Working on behalf of our Patrons and Supporters

Our basis.point Board of Directors

Clive Bellows
Colm Clifford
Eimear Cowhey
Paul Daly 2
Eve Finn
Eoin Fitzgerald
Frank Gannon
Paul Kilcullen
Pat Lardner
Eimear O'Dwyer EOD (1)
Declan O'Sullivan
Fennell Photography 2023

Meet the Team Our Executive Team

Edel O’Malley
Louise Egan
Joanne Shaw
Sharon Lett-resize

basis.point Board and Committees

Clive Bellows (Northern Trust & Chair)
Colm Clifford (Independent Director)
Eimear Cowhey (Independent Director)
Paul Daly (BNP Paribas)
Eve Finn (LGIM)
Eoin Fitzgerald (BBH)
Frank Gannon (KPMG)
Paul Kilcullen (BNY Mellon)
Pat Lardner (Irish Funds)
Eimear O'Dwyer (Maples)
Declan O’Sullivan (Dechert)
Laura Trimble (HSBC)

Clive Bellows (Northern Trust & Chair)
Colm Clifford (Independent Director)
Eimear Cowhey (Independent Director)
Adrian Waters (Independent Director)

Declan O’Sullivan (Dechert and Chair)

Edel O'Malley
Killian Buckley (Independent Director)
Eve Finn (LGIM)
Alison Manley (Goodbody)
Don McClean (Independent Director)
Hazel O'Flynn (Independent Director)
Declan O’Sullivan (Dechert)
Peter Stapleton (Maples)
Adrian Waters (Independent Director)

Sinead Colreavy (EY and Chair)
Karen Craig (RBC)
Maria Flannery (KPMG)
Ronnie Griffin (HSBC)
Alan Holmes (Independent Director)
Siobhan McBean (Arthur Cox)
Brian McDermott (A&L Goodbody)
Patrick O’Brien (Carne Group)
Liam O’Mahony (PwC)
Devarshi Ray (EY)
Mark White (McCann Fitzgerald)

Frank Gannon (KPMG and Chair)
Colm Clifford (INED)
Louise Egan (basis.point)
Daniel Murphy (KPMG)
Geraldine Gleeson (Jupiter)

Eimear O'Dwyer (Maples and Chair)
Edel O'Malley (basis.point)
Brian McDermott ( Goodbody)
Sonya Mooney (Northern Trust)

Eimear Cowhey (Chair)
Joanne Shaw (basis.point)
Louise Egan (basis.point)
Michael Greaney (Link)
Declan O'Sullivan (Dechert)
Alison Manley (Goodbody)

Don McClean (Chair)
Will Murray (BBH)
Louise Egan (basis.point)


Eoin Fitzgerald (BBH & Chair)
Stephen Burke (Morgan Stanley)
Jennifer Dobbyn (Maples)
Marion Mellett (William Fry)
Michelle Diamond Kelly (Northern Trust)
Shay Lydon (Matheson)
Catriona O'Malley (Rubrics)




We are committed to allocating 100% of every Patron and Supporter payment basis.point receives to our grant initiatives, without deduction of operating expenses.

Our organisational costs and operational expenses are met in a number of ways

Proceeds raised at fundraising events – currently our annual corporate Golf Challenge and Spring Lunch

Receipts from raffles, auctions and similar at basis.point events

Tax credits received by basis.point on patron payments

Donations which the relevant donor directs towards operational expenses.

Ireland and Lions rugby legend Paul O’Connell, Ieve with her daughter Gabriella Kokorevica, Yvonne Oyedeji, Thomond Community College and Rory Vaughan, Courtenay NS, Newcastle West at Northern Trust.
Pictured L-R Anne O’Dwyer, Niall Cribbon, Edel O’Malley, Eimear Cowhey, Alan Keating

What They Say

Building long term trusting relationships is key to maximising our impact on the lives of children living in underserved communitites.

basis.point is already making a lasting impact on the lives of so many educationally disadvantaged children. It has the potential to transform lives for children and their families across Ireland

HSBCTony Mc Donnell, Global Head of Alternative Investments

As the representative body for Irish funds, we are proud to be supporting basis.point.  They are setting the standard in the way they are bringing the entire industry community together for the collective good"

Irish FundsPat Lardner - CEO, Irish Funds