Patron update

One of the key objectives of the Charity and one that distinguishes basis.point from many other charities is that 100% of every Patron donation to the Charity goes directly to our grant initiatives.

Excluding our events, our Patron income is now running at c. €220,000 per annum. This is recurring annuity income which is normally the preserve of auditors and non-executive directors. We have in excess of 100 Patrons signed up and to whom we are very grateful to. We have in excess of 120 Patrons signed up and to whom we are very grateful. See here for details of many of those Patrons (some have chosen to remain anonymous).

You the Patrons, enable us to grow our initiatives and successfully improve the lives of those most in need in our communities. We have had a great response from those we have asked so far and we have many more to ask. Another focus is the promoter community and we have had some great names come on board in the past year – often contributing well in excess of our suggested amount including Abbey Capital, Artisan, John Hancock and ETF Securities.

We have also been able to organise tax efficient donation processes for donors in the US and the UK.

A huge thank you to all those volunteers, supporters, contributors and Patrons who continue to give their time, effort and monies to get to this stage. Please continue to spread the word.