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BBH volunteers L-R Bastien Martellotto, Eoin Fitzgerald, Tara Henry, Sam McCarthy, Fionn Guiheen and Tomislav Grubesic

basis.point recently spoke with Eoin Fitzgerald, Country Manager BBH, who works alongside the BBHCares team to build strong charity engagement locally.

What inspired Brown Brothers Harriman to become involved with basis.point?
Giving back is an important part of our culture at BBH. We encourage and support employees to act as a force for good in the communities in which we live and operate. Education is seen as a keen element in helping to break the cycle of disadvantage and build financial security.

Our partnership with basis.point in Ireland and their joined up giving approach, allows us to deepen this commitment, and bring economic opportunity to more disadvantaged and underrepresented communities.  The holistic approach, supporting young people from cradle to career really hits a chord.

Seán Páircéir, Global Head of Investor Services BBH, pictured with Tara O’Reilly, Arthur Cox at the basis.point Corporate Leaders Dinner

In what way does being a Premier Patron make a difference to your organization and its people?
BBH has been a Premier Patron of basis.point since 2016.  Embedded in BBH’s purpose is a responsibility to lend our time and talent. Our BBH Cares program provides unlimited paid time-off so we can give back to our community and help transform the lives of others while inspiring a spirit of citizenship.

At a corporate level, there are four pillars to serving our communities,  BBH Cares, Board Membership, Charitable Giving and Giving Circle and each of these play a role in our relationship with basis.point.

On the one hand we have team members volunteering to organise fund raising events on behalf of basis.point.  We saw this last year with James Dalton taking the lead on the basis.point Battle of the Firms Quiz where he even encouraged his father to volunteer as DJ.

We have seen some exceptional individual fundraising initiatives.  Killian Lonergan stepped up to run the Boston Marathon on behalf of basis.point in 2022 and raised a phenominal,€21,000.

A number of our senior partners choose to give significant personal contributions year on year.  And we also offer basis.point the use of our client office on an ongoing basis.

Eoin Fitzgerald, Country Head BBH, arriving to the basis.point Annual Spring Lunch

I personally, sit on the Board of Directors and head up the Supporter Committee, with the aim of broadening employee engagement.

And finally, at a team level, we were introduced to Foróige through basis.point and have recently refurbished a Foróige youth centre in the area.

So in short, in actively confronting barriers in society and taking steps to level the playing field, basis.point gives us a vehicle to offer time treasure and talent to make a positive impact for society.

Why is basis.point so relevant, especially in today’s environment?
The need for educational support is ever greater.  The world has been rocked firstly by the pandemic, and more latterly the migrant crisis.   Access to affordable, quality education is necessary to help young people from underserved communities to  escape poverty, economic exclusion, and social stigma. We partner with charitable organisations like basis.point that are confronting structural barriers to financial resilience and economic mobility.

How would you recommend others can get involved?
The team at BBH have been keen supporters of basis.point fundraising over the years. From competing for the Cathal Lavelle Trophy in the Corporate Golf event, to attending the Annual Spring Lunch or the Battle of the Firms Table Quiz. We recently hosted our first basis.point Day which was an informal gathering where we explored opportunities for out team to make a difference at an individual level and directly make a difference to the young people in our community.

Whilst our financial contribution is essential, getting the BBH team directly involved in volunteering and making a difference is something that we value.

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