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Suas logoThe Disbursements Committee has to date, after careful consideration and due diligence, recommended three disbursement projects to the Board, all of which have been approved.

The Charity’s commitments to these Irish based charities is in excess of €160,000.

In September 2016 basis.point approved its third grant in relation to a numeracy intervention pilot programme that is being administered by Suas.

Suas was established in 2002 and has built up a strong reputation in Ireland for its work with struggling learners in “Delivering Equality of Opportunity in Schools” or DEIS schools.

basis.point has agreed to support Suas in designing, piloting and evaluating an innovative new numeracy intervention programme targeted at children with low achievement scores in urban DEIS schools. These are the children considered most at risk of falling behind in the present day education system.

Our commitment to the Suas programme is to provide €33,500 to fund this pilot programme. Subject to a successful pilot, this programme offers basis.point the opportunity to provide additional support in subsequent years in rolling out a nationwide numeracy programme.

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