ELI investment delivers impact beyond the docklands

The ELI home visitors have a connection and understanding of their communities that is second to none. One of the unique features of ELI is their holistic approach to community engagement. Many of the home visitors have themselves been recipients of the ParentChild+ programme and through their involvement have been inspired to re-engage with education, working their way up through Fetac level 5 qualifications to graduating with degrees in Early Childhood Development. They are ideally placed to deliver a transformative impact in their communitites.

Between the period October 2019 and June 2021, funding from basis.point has enabled 105 vulnerable families to participate in the Parent Child+ programme in Dublin’s Docklands, Garryowen, Limerick City and Ballinasloe, Co. Galway.

Through-out this period each of these families have received:
• Two weekly virtual or outdoor visits, during which the home visitor models language, social skills and positive parenting approaches
• A range of high quality educational books and toys, which cater to the children’s developmental stage
• Opportunities to participate in parent support sessions hosted by WLI’s home visitors both in local outdoor facilities and online

It is clear that no matter our background, we all want the same thing, to do the best by each of these families and their kids. The recent Impact Report clearly demonstrates that we are making headway and that programme participation is having a transformative impact on the lives of each of these families.

You can read the full report here

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