Hear from our Patrons: Eric Colson

Eric ColsonIn this newsletter edition we speak to Eric Colson, CEO of Artisan Partners, about why he’s chosen to support basis.point and advice for those considering becoming a basis.point Patron. Thank you very much to Eric and Artisan Partners, not only giving time for our interview, but also for being a valued Patron.

Why basis.point?
Obviously, basis.point funds a number of incredibly worthy causes—education is critical to helping beneficiaries not just now, but in a sustainable way for the rest of their lives. But there are so many worthy charitable organizations. What attracted us to basis.point was the people involved and its structure.

We appreciate basis.point’s commitment to utilizing the lessons learned by the many smart, capable people in the financial industry who support and fund it—a commitment to transparency, accountability and good governance. To us, this means that substantially all funds donated go where they are needed most.

What does being a Patron mean to you and your firm?
Our involvement with basis.point allows us to give back to the community in a transparent way we know will be beneficial to the recipients. In a world defined by scarce resources—whether tangible or intangible, like time—finding and supporting the right organizations is critical.

We believe basis.point does an outstanding job of marshaling resources for causes that can have a lasting impact, and expending those resources in an efficient, effective and compassionate manner.

On a personal level, I believe education is critical for our communities and society as a whole—instilling a lifelong culture of intellectual curiosity and learning is key in preparing the next generation of leaders. I feel fortunate to lead an organization that is in a position to help basis.point further its efforts to provide a range of educational programs to children who may not otherwise have access to them.

What advice would you give to a firm that is considering becoming a basis.point Patron?
As the pace of innovation and change keep accelerating, it becomes increasingly challenging to identify organizations that are committed to making meaningful change in their communities.

I believe basis.point is such an organization, and the firms that decide to become Patrons will be fortunate to find a worthwhile and effective partner.

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