Young Voices, Big Impact: Inspiring Stories of Change and Inclusion

Elisabeth Busari, Teen-Turn Alumni and Ambassador

A day of inspiration, Showcase is all about bringing together people who want to make social change with people who can make that change happen. Our focus this year was on inclusion through education, giving young people voice and agency and empowering stories of our young guest speakers.

Jenny Courtney, CEO Belvedere Youth Club

Jenny Courtney, CEO of Belvedere Youth Club (BYC), speaking from the heart, clearly articulated the case for support, based not simply on her personal experience of growing up in a marginalised area of socio-economic disadvantage, but also her lived experience at BYC day in day out.

She reminded us that prejudices and inequalities continue to exist today and that young people from marginalised communities deal with poverty, trauma and oppression on a daily basis.

She stressed the importance of timely local support for vulnerable children and that creating equal opportunities through education, combined with mentorship at critical milestones, is essential to break the cycle of disadvantage.

Changemakers Tyler, Haryad and Kaydn of St Francis Street CBS, Dublin 1

Evoking the words of Ghandhi, Jenny challenged us all, “to be the change we want to see in the future“. The fireside chat with three young changemakers from The Liberties, full of youthful optimism and vision, ignited a belief that we can all create change.

Founded on the four pillars of empathy, teamwork, creativity, and leadership, the DCU Changemaker programme supports schools to address society’s most pressing challenges, such as mental health, inequality, and climate change.

The optimism and belief of these young people was contagious and inadvertently articulated the original idea at the heart of basis.point, that by collaborating we can amplify our impact and offer access to opportunity in a meaningful way.

Change doesn’t have to be a big thing. Make a small change that collectively will be bigger .

Foróige NFTE Regional Finalist Preston Smith

Preston Smith, a 17 year old student from Finglas spoke of his battle to overcome shyness and low self esteem. In his own words, he reluctantly participated in the Foróige NFTE programme during transition year.

He credits the supports, encouragement and belief instilled in him by his teacher and Foróige mentor, with igniting a love of business.

Our final speaker of the evening, Elisabeth Busari, brought a giddy enthusiasm and joy for life as she drew on a knitting analogy to share her Teen-Turn journey.  Living in rural Ireland, she relied on the Teen-Turn transport every week to attend after school sessions for Project Squad and Technovation.

Armed with a newfound confidence and imagination ignited, she started to reach her potential and is now studying third level information technology at UG.

Thank you to HSBC for generously hosting the event. There are few occasions where you come away inspired to make positive change in the world. With such wonderful young role models, Showcase inspired us all to be changemakers. At the end of the day, it is each of our responsibility to use our privilege to affect change in the world around us.

Education is key to transforming marginalised communities. Small keys can and do open big doors. So it is up to us. If you feel inspired to do more please consider becoming an Individual Patron or Supporter. The cost of a cup of coffee a week can throw the doors wide open.

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